Eberron is a fantasy world of intrigue built upon pulp action and dark adventure. The great nations of Khorvaire have only recently accepted peace after a century of conflict. It is a place of magic, where the advances of the Dragonmarked Houses have brought everyday magic to the people. It is a world of adventure, where the mysterious ruins of the giants of Xen’drik and relics closer to home beckon. Finally, it is a place of secrets, with shadowy organizations and spy networks working at cross purposes.

Welcome to Eberron!

Creation Myth

Across Eberron, scholars have found the same creation myth echoed in various forms. While some Vassals of the Host have a few creation myths involving Onatar or Aueron, most of the faith accepts the common creations story: The story of the Progenitor Dragons.

Before creation, the three great Progenitors existed: Siberys, the Dragon Above, Khyber, the Dragon Below, and Eberron, the Dragon Between. Siberys and Khyber each took part in the initial creation. Stories tell of Siberys putting the stars in the sky and Khyber devouring them; others claim that the two split the creation of the planes, their light or dark nature a reflection of their Progenitor. In all cases, some great difference forced the two Progenitors to fight each other over creation.

The battle was endless in the timeless era before the world. But at the end, Khyber slew Siberys, scattering his remains across reality. Then Khyber sought to slay Eberron. Every attack Eberron met with a feint; when Khyber lunged, Eberron twisted out of the way. Eventually, Eberron trapped Khyber within her folds, containing all that was evil within herself. And thus the world was formed.

According to the tales, dragons generated from the drops of Siberys’ blood hitting Eberron while the rest of life on Eberron sprung directly from her. As for Khyber… the fiends and other dark things came forth from the Dragon Below.

A Brief Known History

The University of Wynarn separates the history of Eberron into four separate ages: The Age of Demons, Age of Giants, Age of Monsters, and the Current Age.

Age of Demons

For a time unrecorded, fiends from Khyber, lead by their god-like Overlords, ruled over Eberron’s surface. It took a coalition of the dragons and couatls to bind the evil away from the world. According to the records from various Serpent Cults, the discovery of the Draconic Prophesy and the sacrifice of the feathered serpents were the catalyst for the dragons ascendancy over the fiends.

Thus ended the Age of Demons.

Age of Giants

The Titans of Xen’drik were a primordial civilization 80,000 years before the modern age. With the help of the dragons, they reached the pinnacle of arcane arts. The secrets of elemental binding and the creation of the warforged supposedly originated within the dark continent. However, when an invasion by creatures from the Plane of Dreams culminated with the utilization of a magic weapon beyond comprehension, the giant’s civilization began to falter. When a rebellion of their elven slaves caused the giants to contemplate another “final solution,” the dragons intervened, destroying the giants and cursing Xen’drik in the process. After 40,000 years of rule, all that was left of the giant civilization was ruin.

Thus ended the Age of Giants.

Age of Monsters

Elves from Xen’drik, fleeing its destruction, eventually settled in Aerenal where they delved into the secrets of life, eventually creating the Undying Court and their deathless counsellors. While human civilization was still in a primitive state on Sarlona, the goblin races of the Dhakaani Empire formed the first major nation during the Age of Monsters. Dhaakan spread across Khorvaire, subjugating or limiting the expansion of developing gnomish, dwarven, and orcish cultures. Elves and hobgoblins also came into conflict over an elven colony established in the south of the land (the eventual location of Valenar). It is also during this time that the great dragon Vvaraak taught the ways of druidism to the orcs of the Shadow Marshes. But after 30,000 years, another planar invasion, this time from the Realm of Madness, weakened and eventually destroyed Dhakaan.

Thus ended the Age of Monsters.

The Current Age

The current age saw the genesis of the Dragonmarks, first amongst the elves and then the halflings of the Talenta Plains. During this time, Lhazaar the Explorer lead a colony of humans from Sarlona as part of a large human diaspora to Khorvaire. As humans spread over the lands, more dragonmarks emerged amongst the common races; with them came the more sporadic and dangerous aberrant dragonmarks. With the destruction of the Mark of Death by the elves and dragons, and the War of the Mark between those of aberrant marks and those of the “pure” marks, the remaining houses came together to formerly organize the Dragonmarked Houses, the first in a long step of their eventual dominance of the Khorvaire economy.

As the Dragonmark Houses unified, so did the different human nations. Karrn the Conqueror, from the area that would eventually bear his name, tried first 2000 years ago. However, it was not until his descendant Galifar I that the Five Nations would be united and the Kingdom of Galifar born. For almost 1000 years Galifar was united. But with the Last War and the mysterious and destructive Day of Mourning, unity is no more. Now, a continent faces the slow process of rebuilding, trying to make peace, and keeping a wary eye out for danger.

The future awaits!


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