Cults of the Dragon Below

The Cults of the Dragon Below are a mixed bag of religions scattered all across Khorvaire, and in all likelihood, the world. No two cults are exactly the same, but they draw the foundation of their religious practice from a worship of Khyber, the Dragon Below.

Many of these cults have been ‘subverted’ by the remaining forces of the Daelkyr. An illithid, beholder or even an actual Daelkyr lord has set itself up as a high priest of such a cult, and uses its minions to further its own nefarious goals. These groups are true cults, in that they are generally mobs of individuals focused and directed by a charismatic individual with little, if any, ties to divinity.

The Dragon Below, however, is a very real entity. Its minions, the demons and raksasha’s of the Age of Demons are alive and active in the world. These cults are true religions, and their deity – Khyber – is real and powerful. True cultists of the Dragon Below are clerics in every sense of the world. They typically seek to empower the might of the demons and raksashas – a group known as the Lords of Dust – who in turn seek to release the raksasha rajas. These rajas are powerful and immortal lords of evil who are bound by the couatls and guarded by the dragons. (See Church of the Silver Flame)The ultimate goal of the rajas, and therefore all the cults of the Dragon Below, are to free the progenitor wyrm Khyber from Eberron’s eternal grasp. Destroying all of creation in the process.

There are countless cults, none of which are exactly the same as the other. These cults may even be working at cross purposes as each seeks to empower different entities. Subverted cults are actually working to aid the Daelkyr, and two ‘true’ cults may be working at cross purposes as each seeks to empower different demonic entities. Nevertheless, it is folly to underestimate the power of such a cult, for they are always wildly unpredictable and evil.

Cults of the Dragon Below

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