The Lhazaar Principalities

Lhazaar Principalities


A narrow strip of land to the east of the Hoarfrost Mountains are the principalities only connection to mainland Khorvaire. A band of more than two dozen islands lies scattered off the coast of this narrow band of landscape and extends further north than any point on Khorvaire’s shores piercing into the Bitter Sea and extends south to islands off the coast of Q’barra. Society


Lhazaar society exists more on the open sea than on any land establishment. Those that call the few land establishments home exist to service the sea industries and every major settlement exists on the coastline while much of the interior of the islands remain unexplored and uninhabited. Although the oldest settlements of Khorvaire exist in the Principalities they retain their feeling of frontier towns embraced by the beautiful and brutal environment around them. The sea princes rule over their own islands and every inhabitant pledges fealty to these sea princes. The princes themselves are as varied as the many rulers of the other nations of Khorvaire. Whereas one may be a tyrannical despot another might be a kindhearted ambassador of goodwill.

The Lhazaar Principalities take their name from the explorer Lhazaar, the woman responsible for first bringing human settlers from Sarlona to the shores of Khorvaire 3,000 years ago. Lhazaar established a functional society in the Lhazaar Principalities. She gave the captains in her fleet the title Prince and created the few laws that is held thought out the land. The law that she is best known for is that the title prince is not hereditary but earned. Lhazaar noble hold their title through the power of their armies. Here, might makes right, but with so many different people and cultures this is expressed in different ways. The gnomes of Lorghalen who challenge a prince play a game of wit. The Elves of Farlnen want a show of Arcane skill in addition to naval power. The Sea Princes are very independent; none of the islands have ever been truly united under a single prince. But there has always been one prince that claims the title of High Prince. For the last 15 years this has been High Prince Rygar ir’Wynarn who commands a fleet of 20 ships and the respect of many of the other princes.

There are few laws that the people of the Lhazaar Principalities follow completely. The main one states that the princes of have the right to administer justice in his own land and he can appoint officers as he sees fit. The princes often fight each other but they will join arms if a prince is being attacked by an outsider. Highly loyal to other Lhazaarites, the people of the Lhazaar Principalities will help each other if attacked by outsiders. Customs

The water is a way of life for the people of the Principalities. Lhazaar children learn to fish and harvest the bounty of the sea as soon as they are old enough to handle a net, and most are equally at home on the deck of a ship or swimming through the waves. Most Lhazaarites prefer to stay close to the water: the ocean is freedom, and a Lhazaarite deep inland feels isolated and trapped. Lhazaarites prefer fish and salty foods to red meat, and Lhazaar captains traditionally drink salasta, a strong, clear alcoholic beverage made using salas seaweed.

The ancestors of the Lhazaarites came from many different races and nations. There is a wide range of skin and hair color among the humans; the original settlers came from across Sarlona, from desert, jungle, and plains. As a result, Lhazaarites tend to be comfortable with all races, and their culture and language incorporates traces of many others; while a dwarf born in the Lhazaar Principalities may not be able to speak Elven, he may use Elven swear words or interjections in his speech.


Lhazaar dress varies from principality to principality, but it often shows traces of the polyglot heritage of the region. Clothing tends to be tough and functional since it’s made to resist the rough weather of the seas and the bitter cold of the northern winter. Lhazaarites take great pride in their hair, and complex braids and decorative accessories are common among both men and women.

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The Lhazaar Principalities take their name from the explorer Lhazaar, the woman responsible for first bringing human settlers from Sarlona to the shores of Khorvaire 3,000 years ago. The Principalities continued to grow as humans spread across the landscape of Khorvaire. By the time Galifar I came to power the Lhazaar Principalities had already been well established for over a thousand years and the people had earned a reputation as raiders and pirates. The strip of land went largely unnoticed under Galifar until 28 YK when Galifar brought his own navy against the Lhazaar Princes who had been wreaking havoc on the coastal communities both in the north and the east of Khorvaire. Over the next decade the Galifar-LhazaarWar resounded on the open seas around the principalities. After ten years and thousands in gold had been expended by both sides Galifar had finally secured enough victories against the sea princes that they entreated for negotiations. In the end they became officially part of the nation of Galifar, though they remained autonomous.

Under Galifar

Now officially a part of the Kingdom of Galifar the Lhazaar Princes could no longer rely on piracy on the open waters so they turned their efforts to trade and exploration leading some of the most daring expeditions to date. For 800 years the Lhazaarians bid their time, awaiting the spark of change. That spark would come in the throws of the Last War. The Last War

When the Last War erupted in Galifar the sea princes remained decidedly neutral continuing as they had for many centuries to trade and explore the known world. As the war raged on for decades however the sea princes began to find the same argument that the dwarves of the Mror Holds had. Their agreement of fealty had been to Galifar and the Kingdom and with the kingdom now in ruin they saw their agreement as officially dissolved. Now free to revert to their ancient ways of piracy it didn’t take long for the sea princes one by one to return to their old ways. At first the various princes warred amongst themselves for supreme sovereignty over the principalities until they realized that the whole of Khorvaire was their oyster and they were holding all the knives. Piracy once again plagued the coastal towns across Khorvaire while other sea princes hired out their flotillas as privateers. As the Last War subsided the Lhazaar Principalities were able to hold themselves together under Prince Rygar ir’Wynarn long enough to attend the forming of the Treaty of Thronehold granting them all of the rights of the other nations.

However, now with the confederacy of independent states now officially recognized by the other sovereign nations of Khorvaire the sea princes had to lower their flags of piracy and return to the life of trade and exploration. Some renegade princes still plague the open waters, but the rest of the princes seem to be biding their time for another spark, content to wait it out like a bad storm.

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The Principalities is a nation of factions that vie for supremacy. It’s population is primarily human, with a strong gnome, half-elf, and changeling presence. The Lhazaar Principalities declared the independence from Galifar early in the Last War.

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Dozens of princes control land and ships in the Principalities. Rygar ir’Wynarn is the best known, since he represented the Principalities at the Thronehold discussions. Rygar seeks to unite the principalities into a true nation, but has met with strong resistance from the other lords. The Lhazaar -Galifar war started in 28 YK and lasted for a decade before Lhazaar princes finally became a semiautonomous province of the young Kingdom of Galifar.

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Aside from Prince Rygar’s Seadragons, other groups include the vicious pirates of the Cloudreavers, the mercenary Diresharks, the changeling Gray Tide, the Bloodsails of Farlnen, the half-elf Wind Whisperers, and the well-intentioned Heavenly Fleet. The Lhazaar Principalities was the site of the first human settlement in Khorvaire.

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Laws are lax in the Principalities and vary in each prince’s territory. The people are rough and ready; the towns have a frontier feel, full of opportunity and danger.

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Lhazaarites have little interest in religion.

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The Blood of Vol has a disproportionate number of followers in the Lhazaar Principalities, particularly among the Bloodsails.

The Lhazaar Principalities

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