History Check DC 15 reveals

Skairn has been the main port for access to the North and Central islands of The Lhazaar Principalities. A large port town, much trade comes through here. A large number of offices for various Dragonmarked Houses reside here, especially some who have not been allowed offices on the islands.

While having its own sailor (pirate) population as a port town, it is very land orientated with its governing.

Streetwise Check DC 15 reveals

Skairn is reputed to have a large black market in a lot of items that would not be easily obtained from the islands. Quite often they can be Dwarven in nature owing to their closeness to the Hoarfrost Mountains and the Mror Holds in general.


  • Government: Is run by a Mayoral election every 2 years.
  • Current Mayor: Hiroic Mercer
  • Council: Town elect board of Skairn
  • Defense: A small trained town militia is paid for to keep the peace and a small naval force including two ships Skairn’s Shield I and Skairn’s Shield II. In times of strife there is funds put aside in the treasury and weapons in the armoury to support a quick conscription.
  • Commerce: Basic supplies are readily available, exotic goods and services are a little difficult to find and will usually cost more than a city. Inns and taverns support travelers. There is a large market near the docks and some smaller businesses further in the town.
  • Organisations:
    • House Orien has a small office here
    • House Deneith has a recruitment office here.
    • House Cannith has a workshop here
    • House Ghallanda controls 4 out of the 6 taverns in Skairn
    • House Kundarak runs the vault within Skairn
    • House Lyrandar has an office and owns a pier in Skairn. The pier was built by House Lyrandar
  • Places of Worship
    • The Temple Magnus Beldir – A temple dedicated to Onatar
    • Hall of the Host – A generic place for worship of The Sovereign Host mainly Kol Korran and Olladra.
    • The House of the Grey Flame – A small chapel dedicated to the Silver Flame.


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