Prince Mikia's Cloudreavers

Leader: Prince Mika Rockface

Seat: Port Krez, Krag

The Cloudreavers are a powerful band of pirates based on the Island of Krag in the Lhazaar Principalities. Lead by Prince Mika Rockface, the Cloudreavers are a blend of dwarves, orcs, and half-orcs that prey upon ships in the sea-lanes that run along the southern shore of Khorvaire and raid the coastal villages of Q’barra, Aerenal, Darguun, and Zilargo.

The Cloudreavers are wild and unpredictable and many of them worship The Devourer. Prince Mika Rockface is an aggressive woman with remarkable strength. She believes that she is blessed by the Devourer and is rewarded with greater strength for every vessel she destroys and sends to the bottom of the ocean.

The Cloudreaver principality currently has a fleet of six swift vessels, a less than hospitable village, and a number of small hamlets. The Cloudreavers utilize windsails (magical items imbued with a permanent a permanent gust of wind spell) to match the speed of any vessel, even an elemental galleons.

What Do You Know

History Check DC 10 reveals

This principality is based on the island of Krag. The people of this princeipality are a mix of dwarves, orcs, and half-orcs.

For further knowledge on this area you can:

  • Make a History check, with a higher result, you may know more than just this glance.
  • Make a Diplomacy/Intimidate check when talking to someone from that region
  • Make a Streetwise check while on Krag or in Port Krez

Prince Mikia's Cloudreavers

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